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Disputes With Neighbours: An Access Dispute that Cost £200,000

Thankfully, disputes with neighbours are unusual. In most cases, when someone has a problem or a situation arises with their neighbour, they get together with them and come to an agreeable solution. These situations can be over anything from where the bins are placed when they go out for collection to how to deal with the [...]

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Why Mediate?

Mediation offers many distinct advantages over proceeding directly to litigation. Mediation is an entirely confidential and voluntary process. If matters are commercially sensitive, whether commercially or personally- mediation offers a forum to discuss and resolve such issues without risk of undesirable precedent being established. Further mediation is a collaborative, rather than adversarial, exercise- which [...]

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Advice on Resolving Contract Disputes

Contract disputes between businesses, agents, clients and customers are becoming increasingly common. There are a whole host of reasons for this, not least of which is the poor drafting of the Terms and Conditions used in the original contract. Before we discuss resolving contract disputes, it is worth providing a few tips on avoiding [...]

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