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Often business relationships whether between customers and suppliers or perhaps internal business issues such as employee and shareholder disputes, can cause irreparable loss and damage, but if dealt with promptly and professionally can be repaired.

Chamber Mediation provides an alternative:

Chamber of Commerce Mediation

If you own or manage a business this service will be of interest and use to you.

In some circumstances disputes are unavoidable, the legal fees, risks and uncertainty of outcome naturally become a major consideration and concern. The Court process is often lengthy and as we know, time means money.

Early Mediation intervention can often eliminate the need for dispute resolution claims to even enter the Court process. The benefits of Mediation can often far out weight the risks by providing an efficient, cost effective and positive outcome which ultimately means you and your business can retain healthy professional relationships with everyone concerned.

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The Chamber Mediation Service recognises the opportunity for businesses with or without lawyers at an early stage to engage in the Mediation process to attempt resolution.

If you have a dispute or are involved in a dispute and you wish to use this Service please get in touch!

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